[Mailman-Announce] RELEASED Mailman 2.1 beta 3

Barry A. Warsaw mailman-developers@python.org
Sat, 10 Aug 2002 00:44:55 -0400

I've released Mailman 2.1 beta 3; see below for a list of changes
since version 2.1 beta 2.  There have been lots of bug fixes, two new
languages (Dutch and Brazilian Portuguese), and a couple of minor new

Remember that discussions about version 2.1 are still preferred on
mailman-developers.  I plan on moving the remaining Mailman discussion
lists (mailman-users, mailman-announce, mailman-i18n, mailman-docs,
and mailman-checkins) over to the new version later this weekend.


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2.1 beta 3 (09-Aug-2002)

    The usual assortment of bug fixes and language updates.

    - New languages: Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil)

    - New configure script options: --with-mailhost, --with-urlhost,
      --without-permcheck.  See ./configure --help for details.

    - The encoding of Subject: prefixes is controlled by a new list
      option encode_ascii_prefixes.  This is useful for languages with
      character sets other than us-ascii.  See the Languages admin
      page for details.

    - A new list option news_prefix_subject_too controls whether
      postings gated from mail to news should have the subject prefix
      added to their Subject: header.

    - The algorithm for upgrading the moderation controls for a
      Mailman 2.0.x list has changed.  The change should be
      transparent, but you'll want to double check the moderation
      controls after upgrading from MM2.0.x.  This should have no
      effect for upgrades from a previous MM2.1 beta.

      See the UPGRADING file for details.

    - On the Mass Subscribe admin page, a text box has been added so
      that the admin can add a custom message to be prepended to the
      welcome/invite notification.

    - On the admindb page, a link is included to more easily reload
      the page.

    - The Sendmail.py delivery module is sabotaged so that it can't be
      used naively.  You need to read the comments in the file and
      edit the code to use this unsafe module.

    - When a member sends a `help' command to the request address,
      the url to their options page is included in the response.

    - Autoresponses, -request command responses, and posting hold
      notifications are inhibited for any message that has a
      Precedence: {bulk|list|junk} header.  This is to avoid mail
      loops between email 'bots.  If the original message has an
      X-Ack: yes header, the response is sent.

      Responses are also limited to a maximum number per day, as
      defined in the site variable MAX_AUTORESPONSES_PER_DAY.  This is
      another guard against 'bot loops, and it defaults to 10.

    - When a Reply-To: header is munged to include both the original
      and the list address, the list address is always added last.

    - The cron/mailpasswds script has grown a -l/--listname option.

    - The cron/disabled script has grown options to send out
      notifications for reasons other than bounce-disabled.  It has
      also grown a -f/--force option.  See cron/disabled --help for

    - The bin/dumpdb script has grown a -n/--noprint option.

    - An experimental new mechanism for processing incoming messages
      has been added.  If you can configure your MTA to do qmail-style
      Maildir delivery, Mailman now has a MaildirRunner qrunner.  This
      may turn out to be much more efficient and scalable, but for
      MM2.1, it will not be officially supported.  See Defaults.py.in
      and Mailman/Queue/MaildirRunner.py for details.