[Bug 889635] Re: Per-list configurable message headers for digests

Joseph Fall 889635 at bugs.launchpad.net
Sun Nov 13 20:06:04 CET 2011

More information about RFC 1153...

This is an "experimental" RFC, and a fairly old one at that.

The IETF definition:

"Experimental RFCs are for specifications that may be interesting, but
for which it is unclear if there will be much interest in implementing
them, or whether they will work once deployed. That is, a specification
might solve a problem, but if it is not clear that many people think
that the problem is important, or think that they will bother fixing the
problem with the specification, the specification might be labeled an
Experimental RFC. If, later, the specification becomes popular (or
proves that it works well), it can be re-issued as a standards-track
RFC. Experimental RFCs are also used to get people to experiment with a
technology that looks like it might be standards-track material, but for
which there are still unanswered questions. "


Given its vintage and the decline of e-mail digests, seems unlikely to
ever make it to "standards-track.  So, while it does make a very
reasonable choice for a default, I don't see there's much of a case for
forcing list owners to adhere, especially for plain-text digests.

So I'll pose the question again - if I push an enhancement to allow the
DIGEST_KEEP_HEADERS to be administered on a per-list basis, would you be
willing to review and consider merging it in?

thanks Mark.

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  Per-list configurable message headers for digests

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