[Mailman-Developers] observation from a bystander :) [long and boring]

Tomas Fasth tomas@euronetics.se
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:34:05 +0100

as a bystander myself I can certainly understand your frustration and have
sometimes found myself in similar situations. But I also think you might
have to lower your expectations on other people's urge to please you.

Here's some basic guidelines  when dealing with free software:

* Don't expect someone else to do more than yourself.
* Improvements are done through working code, not fancy suggestions.
* Be humble to the fact that active developers are sacrificing their free
* Your situation is of common interest only if it results in a collective
* Always share your experiences, but never expect other to do the same.
* The more you contribute, the more respect and honor you will receive.
* If you are to criticize, make it factual and constructive.
* If you want improvements, use constructive suggestions, not complains.
* If your suggestions are not addressed, implement them yourself, or try to
fill your needs with a different piece of software, never demand it from
* If you get no response from the community, there is always a good reason.
* Be patient.