[Mailman-Developers] New release of my patches

Ken Manheimer klm@python.org
Wed, 28 Oct 1998 18:58:00 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 28 Oct 1998, Balazs Nagy wrote:

> It seems I have to repatch new versions day-to-day waiting for someone who
> apply 'em.  I would be glad if someone applies my patches - at least
> cmdhandler and cgiext patches.  FYI cmdhandler enables administrator
> commands by email and cgiext handles the extensions of CGI programs (as you
> can read it in README but doesn't work).  The third one (MTA patch) is
> experimental, it works for me - at home, but I didn't try it out at kva.hu.


We appreciate your contributions, and have already incorporated some of
the fixes and features you've suggested in the working copy.
Furthermore, we are looking at incorporating the cgiext feature - one of
us needs time to evaluate it - and certainly would like to do the right
thing about an email interface for the admin commands.  As to the
latter, however, we're having to weigh introducing this new (though
appropriate) feature against the time we have slight time we have
available for such things as finishing fixes and packing to move towards
a full release - so that may have to wait until the full release, and at
least until after 1.0b6.  We do appreciate it, though, and will
eventually get that last one in...

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