[Mailman-Developers] small sec problem / or feuture (?)

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
06 Jan 1999 17:43:06 +0100

[Bencsath Boldizsar]

> But the mail, that was distributed by the list contains a header:
> From: Szecsei@sas.fph.hu, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Vir=E1g?=
> <fszecsei@mail.matav.hu>
> I'm not sure, it might be a problem in sendmail or anything, i thing the
> original address was
> From: Szecsei, Vira'g <fszecsei@mail.matav.hu> 

This very much sounds like something that the MTA, and not Mailman,
would do.

RFC822 specifies that addresses in the From: header should not be
unqualified, and thus many MTAs try "fixing" such broken headers by
adding and "@" and some local domain.

I think trying to implement something in Mailman to stop messages
whose headers appear to have been subject to such (possibly incorrect)
address qualification, would be:

 1) Very nearly impossible to get anywhere close to correct
 2) Uncalled for.  This is simply not a job Mailman should take on

Basically the problem in Szecsei's case is that he inserted a "," in
the real name part of his From address, thereby really making it into
_two_ separate addresses (one of them unqualified).  The problems
start with the insertion of that pesky extra ",", and that's where
this should be fixed.