[Mailman-Developers] Hi i new in this list and with mailman

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
03 Mar 1999 18:49:04 +0100

[Roger Peņa Escobio]

>     Hi to all mailman user and developers :-)


> how i say in the subject i new with mailman, and i like it :-)) but
> there are some things unwanted, first of all , the suid in all
> subdirs and in the exe files (not the cgi-bin files),

Umm, nothing in Mailman is setUID.  Mailmans permissions scheme
revolves around setGID (to allow non-privileged users to use Mailman,
even though this requires some cooperation with the sysadm in many

When mailman receives mail (via some alias-file pipe from your local
MTA (in most cases)), it checks that the gid of the spawned pipe is
running under some compiled in (real) gid, and then setgid()s to it's
own (effective) gid to allow Mailman to operate.

A similar scheme is used for changes done via the web interface.

> the other things is the permisions , i dont understant why 775 for
> all subdirs and not only for : logs, locks, lists, data, archives ,
> the others just 750 except cgi-bin (755) .

Probably because using _one_ set of permission for all dirs Works (TM) :)

Seriously: You're probably right, and I think Mailman could be set up
with more restrictive permissions.  This should be fixed, but hasn't
really been a top priority as it's not really a bug (and possibly
could be a cause of breakage for someone with ... "exotic"
configurations that Were Working Before They Upgraded (TM) :).

I'd like to address this after 1.0 is out the door.