[Mailman-Developers] bounce processing question and idea for future enhancements...

Jeff Hahn jeffh@streek.com
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 11:48:26 -0600

Bounce processing question...

	Since some of the big email domains (hotmail, aol, etc.) are known to
"burp" and deny existence of perfectly valid users, I'd like to handle all
returns as bounces and not remove people automatically on the first "user
unknown" message. I assume the way to handle it is to change "REMOVE" to
"BOUNCE" in the lines like the following in bouncer.py

(regex.compile('.*%s: User unknown.*' % email_regexp), REMOVE),

	Any comments? Any better way to do it?

Idea for future enhancements...

	This is the big one.  Does anyone besides me have a desire to see Mailman
support Listserv style "topics"?  Where topics are extracted from the
message subject and list messages are sent to a subset of the list that
"subscribes" to that particular topic?

	I have a very pressing need for this feature. I'm leaving
procmail/smartlist because of this and was intending to "roll my own" MLM
when I came across MailMan.  MailMan supplies a huge portion of the
framework with all the nice bells and whistles, so I've decided to start
with it.

	If there is additional interest, I'll try to get rolling on this within the
"official" channels.  If anyone is interested in collaborating on this that
would be great.  I certainly haven't been involved with MailMan long at all
and don't have any background about the various design choices that were
made along the way.

	Feedback on this would be GREATLY appreciated.