[Mailman-Developers] bounce processing question and idea for future enhancements...

Harald Meland Harald.Meland@usit.uio.no
03 Mar 1999 19:55:23 +0100

[Jeff Hahn]

> Bounce processing question...
> 	Since some of the big email domains (hotmail, aol, etc.) are known to
> "burp" and deny existence of perfectly valid users, I'd like to handle all
> returns as bounces and not remove people automatically on the first "user
> unknown" message. I assume the way to handle it is to change "REMOVE" to
> "BOUNCE" in the lines like the following in bouncer.py
> (regex.compile('.*%s: User unknown.*' % email_regexp), REMOVE),
> 	Any comments? Any better way to do it?

Nope, none apart from the obvious "This is a very sad situation" :(

If you're happy with Mailman "disabling" failed addresses (as opposed
to removing them), you can tweak the `automatic_bounce_action' list
config option accordingly from "Bounce Options".

> Idea for future enhancements...
> 	This is the big one.  Does anyone besides me have a desire to see Mailman
> support Listserv style "topics"?  Where topics are extracted from the
> message subject and list messages are sent to a subset of the list that
> "subscribes" to that particular topic?

I don't know ListServ -- what is the motivation for implementing
something like this?  Wouldn't a separate mailing list for each
"topic" and appropriate crossposting do the same?  Should there be
topic-specific archives, or should the archive be topic-insensitive?

To be frank, this whole idea seems rather hackish to me, though I
might feel better about it if you explain _why_ you have a need for

Of course, if this, for some reason that eludes me at the moment, is a
nice feature to have in an MLM, we'd like to have it in Mailman :)