[Mailman-Developers] case-sensitive e-mail addresses

Nigel Metheringham Nigel.Metheringham@InTechnology.co.uk
Wed, 02 May 2001 17:01:25 +0100

jra@baylink.com said:
> But is this actually true?  I haven't tried it, but I thought sendmail
> still treated LHS's as case-sensitive... 

Depending on your rewrite rules, sendmail can be either case sensitive 
or case insensitive.

Exim also has a choice:-

> locally_caseless
> Type: boolean 
> Default: true
> Domains in mail addresses are specified as being case-independent, but
> this it not true of local parts. For most Unix systems, however, it is
> desirable that local parts of local mail addresses be treated in a
> case-independent manner, since most users expect that mail to OBailey
> and obailey, for example, will end up in the same mailbox. By default,
> when it is processing an address whose domain is local, Exim
> lower-cases the local part at the start of processing, on the
> assumption that account names in the password file are in lower-case.

> For installations that want to draw case distinctions, this option is
> provided. When turned off, local local parts are handled verbatim
> during delivery. If there are names containing upper case letters in
> the password file, the most convenient way to provide for caseless
> mail delivery is to set up a smartuser director as the first director,
> and to make it do a lowercased lookup of the local part, in order to
> translate it to the correctly cased version, using the new_address
> option. 

There is a special place in hell reserved for those that use mixed case 
usernames on Unix and also expect caseless operation.

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