[Mailman-Developers] comments on mailman2.1a3

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Fri, 26 Oct 2001 00:18:32 -0400

>>>>> "KPC" == Kaja P Christiansen <kaja@daimi.au.dk> writes:

    KPC> - after the installation of email package, the test - as
    KPC> recommended by INSTALL - returns email.__version__ 0.92 (and
    KPC> not 0.93).

Yep, I forgot to update that.  Fixed in email-0.94

    KPC> - no problems with the compilation (irix6.5)


    KPC> - directory permissions were right, except for
    KPC> ~mailman2/messages and mailman2/templates (no g+w
    KPC> permission).

Hmm, works for me:

/usr/local/mailman% ls -ld templates
drwxrwsr-x  12 barry    mailman      4096 Oct 26 00:05 templates/
/usr/local/mailman% ls -ld messages
drwxrwsr-x  10 barry    mailman      4096 Oct 26 00:05 messages/

    KPC> - loading of the pages seems slow, but it may be a local
    KPC> problem

Hmm, must be.  It's pretty zippy for me.

    KPC> - the only real problem was setting the web page url
    KPC> correctly.

    KPC>   what happened is that I wanted the test version to use
    KPC> mailman2.domain as default url. I created a list,
    KPC> mailman2-test, and everything looked good - messages got
    KPC> posted and archived - except for the urls in the List-*
    KPC> headers which said something like: List-Subscribe:
    KPC> <http://domain/mailman/listinfo/mailman2-test> (and
    KPC> which pointed to another web server)

    KPC>   I tried many things (HOST and URL variables for configure,
    KPC> DEFAULT_URL and DEFAULT_URL_HOST in mm_cfg.py, and
    KPC> add_virtualhost hack (which I don't understand)) but nothing
    KPC> helped. What *did* help was to reread NEWS, find reference to
    KPC> bin/fix_url.py, and find in it a comment which told me to run
    KPC> bin/withlist -l -r fix_url <list> :-)

Right.  The issue is that the values for these to important variables
are stored in the list's database so you need to make sure that
DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST and DEFAULT_URL_HOST are set properly in mm_cfg.py
before you create your first list.  Otherwise, you have to go back and
modify those list variables using fix_url.py.

I see that the INSTALL file is not clear about this, so I'll fix the

    KPC> - loading of the pages seems slow, but it may be a local
    KPC> problem.

Maybe it's trying to load the page twice <wink>.

    KPC> My test setup is at
    KPC> http://mailman2.daimi.au.dk/mailman/listinfo. I'm using it
    KPC> for trying out new options etc. You are welcome to use it for
    KPC> testing as well!


I plan on releasing an alpha4 tomorrow to fix the nastier of the
problems in alpha 3.

Thanks for the feedback.