[Mailman-Developers] Scrubber.py confusion, 2.1b3

Barry A. Warsaw barry@python.org
Tue, 13 Aug 2002 15:32:01 -0400

>>>>> "DM" == Dan Mick <dmick@utopia.West.Sun.COM> writes:

    DM> Yeah, I added some stuff, and never bothered to send it to
    DM> you.  It's still working, so let me cobble up a patch and show
    DM> you what I've done.

Cool, I would like to see it, because I'm thinking something like this
might have to go into MM2.1.

    DM> Didn't do anything with Scrubber.py, of course, but...perhaps
    DM> it's useful as a feature in and of itself.  It is useful to
    DM> me.

Shouldn't be related because Scrubber's all about yanking those parts
out and leaving them in the file system for later access (via the web
archive, or I'm guess, though a url-summary type digest).

MimeDel's all about getting rid of stuff before it hits the
membership.  I think we just want MimeDel to support a selection on
whitelist/blacklist (i.e. pass-thru these types blocking all others,
or block these types passing-thru all others).