[Mailman-Developers] Archiving problem in current CVS.

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Dec 7 15:05:34 2002

>>>>> "JH" == Jinhyok Heo
>>>>> <novembre+dated+1039410247.6d79a7@ournature.org> writes:

    JH> I got two problems and one feature request.

    JH> Fist, if I try to regenerate archive of a list with Current
    JH> CVS mailman(using bin/arch), characters of the archives are
    JH> currupted, unlike incoming mails. Can you give it a glance?

There may still be problems w/i18n in the archiver, but I'll need a
lot more information than that to investigate your problem.  Best
would be a bug report on SF, with an uploaded sample message.

(I'm still catching up on list traffic.)

    JH> And, I've set "ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER = 3" in my mm_cfg.py,
    JH> but it doesn't work. Incoming mails are archived as if set

Did you run "mailmanctl restart"?  Remember that any change to
mm_cfg.py requires a restart for it to take effect.  I just tried it
and ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER=3 works for me.

    JH> Why don't we have such a ARCHIVE_HTML_SANITIZER option that
    JH> leaves html parts inline and doesn't html-escape.

There's a comment says that reminds me that it was difficult to code
that option given the current architecture of Pipermail.
Unfortunately, I don't remember the details.


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