[Zest-devel] Re: [Mailman-Developers] Pipermail replacement? Zest!

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Tue, 26 Feb 2002 13:53:50 -0500

>>>>> "CVR" == Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui@plaidworks.com> writes:

    CVR> So my feeling is a list server archive ought to be an
    CVR> independent search engine, and our tests back that up. If
    CVR> someone goes to www.apple.com and wants to find the latest
    CVR> java updater for MacOS X, they don't really want 100 postings
    CVR> from Java-dev to pop up and annoy them.

When we were actually indexing the python.org archives with our
donated Ultraseek server (donated because they used Python), we could
set up different search sets.  The default set (I believe) did the
same thing -- it separated the web hits from the archive hits.
Advanced searches had the ability to pick and choose which search sets
would be included, so you /could/ search both the web and archives,
just one, or the other, etc.