[Mailman-Developers] simple feature

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Fri, 4 Jan 2002 02:25:37 -0500

>>>>> "BB" == Bill Bradford <mrbill@mrbill.net> writes:

    BB> Will 2.1 have the ability to just completey *drop* posts
    BB> matching a pattern, instead of holding them for moderation?
    BB> I've got a couple of lists where Re: posts (replies back to
    BB> the list) arent allowed; only initial problem messages and
    BB> then a summary/solution posting.

General matching against headers with auto-discards probably will not
be supported out of the box in MM2.1.

    BB> It would be nice if I could have Mailman just *drop* the Re:
    BB> posts instead of holding them for moderation; I'd like to
    BB> avoid having to use Procmail for this...

No need to use Procmail to add this feature though!  Simply add a
pipeline module that checks the listname, and for those lists that you
want to discard Re: messages, simply search Subject: headers for Re:.

Here's some untested code that might get you close.  Note that you'll
have to add this module to the GLOBAL_PIPELINE, probably just before


------------------- snip snip --------------------Mailman/Handlers/DiscardRe.py
import re

from Mailman.Errors import DiscardMessage

# If a list is not mentioned here, we don't even search its Subject:
    # ...

# Compiled regular expression that searches for a literal string "Re:"
# matching case insensitively.
cre = re.compile(r're:', re.IGNORECASE)

def process(mlist, msg, msgdata):
    if mlist.internal_name() not in LISTNAMES:
    subject = msg['subject']
    if subject and cre.search(subject):
	raise DiscardMessage
-------------------- snip snip --------------------