[Mailman-Developers] An open source software for browsing and searching mails ordownloading attachments

Sergio Perani sergio@behemot.it
Tue Nov 5 02:00:02 2002

I do not know if this is the right mailing list for this type of message,
but I think it could be interesting for you.

I would to present a preview of an open source software we are developing,
which allows to:

- browse mailing lists contents
- download attachment
- full-text search

The preview, called Gabriel, can be downloaded at
http://www.opheliadev.org/dist/Gabriel0.1.1.jar     (11meg)

In the near future we will add more functionalities:
- specialized search engine (for instance look for the author of a word 
document in a attachment)
- tight integration in the development environments

Gabriel is a subproject of the larger Ophelia project,
which studies how to improve the integration between tools
into a distributed development environment.
More information can be found at http://www.opheliadev.org,
even if the site contents will be refreshed in the next weeks.

I will appreciate if you could send some comments or add
a link on your FAQ page.

Sergio Perani