[Mailman-Developers] Embarrasingly pre-Alpha LDAP Member Adaptor

Martin Whinnery martin.whinnery@blueyonder.co.uk
Wed Nov 6 18:29:31 2002

Hi folks.

First off - Thanks to Greg and Barry (in particular) for helping me get
this far...

Right. I've thrown together a first go at a pretty generic LDAP member
adaptor for mailman 2.1b4.

"It implements a read-only membership interface for a list, implemented
as generically as possible, in an attempt to handle in a freindly way
the various ways people handle grouping in general and mail grouping
in particular with LDAP.


This is DEEPLY ALPHA code. It will almost certainly cause your
genitalia to shrivel and your breath to smell, if used in a production
environment. If this, or anything else bad happens because you ignored
this, please let me know. I'll try not to say 'I told you so'."

I'm looking for comments, whether on the assumptions I've made about how
people want to handle the interface between LDAP and mailman lists, or
on my coding. I am using this in a purely test environment at the
moment. As soon as MM 2.1 gets to be stable, I'll be using this or
something better at work, for real.

So I suppose this is a call for help. Either help me get my code right,
or save me having to use it!!

Martin Whinnery
'Merely the Assistant' Network Manager
South Birmingham College

Whoah. Nearly forget the 'meat'.


Is where the stuff's at.

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