[Mailman-Developers] GetScriptURL and "absolute=1"

Barry A. Warsaw barry at python.org
Sat Jan 18 15:24:58 EST 2003

>>>>> "FC" == Fabricio Chalub <CHALUB at fgv.br> writes:

    FC> I still find that mailman's administrative interface behaves
    FC> incorrectly on HTTPDs running on non-standard ports.  It
    FC> simply discards the port information out of the URL, despite
    FC> DEFAULT_URL* settings.

Remember that these variables have no effect on already existing
lists.  They only affect the base urls for new lists.  If you want to
change the base url, e.g. to make sure it's got the port number, use

    FC> Looking around the source, I've found lines like this

    FC> adminurl = mlist.GetScriptURL('admin', absolute=1)

    FC> Changing the value of ABSOLUTE to 0 solved the problem, and
    FC> I've found it pretty harmless.  Any specific reason for the
    FC> ABSOLUTE=1 setting?  If this is okay, I can provide a patch
    FC> (although there are very few lines that need changing).

Eventually, the `absolute' argument is going to be removed, and all
urls will be absolute (or more correctly, all calls to GetScriptURL()
will return absolute urls).  Relative urls are too problematic.


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