[Mailman-Developers] python 2.2.3 -> python 2.3.2 upgrade and mailman 2.1.2

PieterB PieterB at gewis.nl
Mon Nov 10 04:14:21 EST 2003


I upgraded my Python from 2.2.3 to Python 2.3.2. Now Mailman's
Qrunner sometimes gives the following error(s):

python in free(): warning: page is already free
python in free(): warning: page is already free

Should I recompile/install/upgrade mailman when upgrading the python
version?  Are there any issues in upgrading mailman 2.1.2 -> mailman
2.1.3 (UPGRADING file doesn't say so). 

Are there any known problems with mailman 2.1.3 and python 2.3.x
INSTALL-file mentions: "Currently Python 2.1.3 or Python 2.2.1 is

Maybe it's good to mention the Python dependencies and preferred
version on http://www.list.org/download.html


BTW: I noticed The GNU site doesn't have the latest mailman available.


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