[Mailman-Developers] More on Mysql MemberAdaptor?

Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Mon Nov 10 12:52:50 EST 2003

On Mon, 2003-11-10 at 12:22, Kyrian wrote:

> Excceptions make me nervous.

Exceptions are your friend!  They're so warm and cuddly they shouldn't
frighten anyone. :)

> FWIW. I think the ping() based implementation is probably the best one
> to go for, because it doesn't raise any exceptions (so say the MySQL[db]
> docs, anyway), and it automagically reconnects internally to MySQL's own
> code if it can. No point in making work for ourselves, eh? ;-)

It all depends.  Catching the exception might actually be less work
because you're assuming that most of the time the connection is good, so
you don't need the extra ping.  You only need it when the connection is
timed out.

> If you're not totally appauled by the code quality, and you think it'll
> work, let me know, and (if necessary) I'll upload it to the sourceforge
> site patches section, from which you may apply a GPL license to it (as
> far as I'm concerned, and I think it's safe from the perspective of the
> related software, etc.), and do what you wish with it, as long as it's
> appropriately credited, and, for preference continues to include a link
> to http://www.orenet.co.uk/ in it.

Cool, thanks.  Do upload it.  If we decide to use it, we'll probably
need some kind of more formal disclaimer.  In the meantime, it's a
useful place for others to find it.


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