[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Announce] A book on Mailman? Opinions, please.

Josh Rabinowitz joshr-garbage at joshr.com
Fri Nov 7 16:38:30 EST 2003

>Dear Mailman Users:
>My name is Martin Streicher, and I am the Editor for Open Source 
>books at Apress (http://www.apress.com). I am considering publishing 
>a book on Mailman and would like to hear your opinions.
>Briefly, the book would be very focused on Mailman, would be about 
>150-200 pages, and would sell for less than $20. The book would be 
>very hands-on, something you would keep in your lap and work through 
>as you installed and configured Mailman with the MTA and web browser 
>of your choice. Then the book would switch to a problem-solution 
>section, useful for when you are troubleshooting or adding features 
>to your configuration, or trying to help users manage their Mailman 
>My questions:
>1/ Is such a book needed, and what is it's potential?

Yes it's needed. Potential? I have no idea.

>2/ If it is needed, what information should it include? What 
>problems come up time and again?

Initial installation with various mail servers. And more importantly, 
(or equally importantly), ow to change mail servers and upgrade 
versions of mailman.

>3/ Should it only be about Mailman, or should it include ezmlm, 
>Mailman, and Majordomo?

Just mailman. Who cares about those anyway? Majordomo sux.

>4/ Finally, what other topics in system administration might fit 
>this format -- short, project-oriented, solutions -- well?

That is a good question.
I think an SSH cookbook might work.

>Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to your replies. 
>Please send replies to martin at apress.com. I will post a summary of 
>all replies so as to share the info, but not clutter the list in the 
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