[Mailman-Developers] Re: [Mailman-Announce] A book on Mailman? Opinions, please.

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Fri Nov 7 16:43:43 EST 2003

You may want to consider some basic performance tuning for sending large
amounts of email and limited anti-spam to prevent lists being overwhelmed by
crap (moderated or not). I would make it mailman specific, if it isn't you
may as well call it "mailing lists".

Kurt Seifried, kurt at seifried.org
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Subject: [Mailman-Announce] A book on Mailman? Opinions, please.

> Dear Mailman Users:
> My name is Martin Streicher, and I am the Editor for Open Source books
> at Apress (http://www.apress.com). I am considering publishing a book
> on Mailman and would like to hear your opinions.
> Briefly, the book would be very focused on Mailman, would be about
> 150-200 pages, and would sell for less than $20. The book would be very
> hands-on, something you would keep in your lap and work through as you
> installed and configured Mailman with the MTA and web browser of your
> choice. Then the book would switch to a problem-solution section,
> useful for when you are troubleshooting or adding features to your
> configuration, or trying to help users manage their Mailman accounts.
> My questions:
> 1/ Is such a book needed, and what is it's potential?
> 2/ If it is needed, what information should it include? What problems
> come up time and again?
> 3/ Should it only be about Mailman, or should it include ezmlm,
> Mailman, and Majordomo?
> 4/ Finally, what other topics in system administration might fit this
> format -- short, project-oriented, solutions -- well?
> Thanks for your consideration and I look forward to your replies.
> Please send replies to martin at apress.com. I will post a summary of all
> replies so as to share the info, but not clutter the list in the
> interim.
> Martin
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