[Mailman-Developers] New SpamAssassin handler on sf.

Jerold Stratton jerry at sandiego.edu
Mon Nov 17 18:26:54 EST 2003

On Monday, November 17, 2003, at 02:52 PM, Richard Barrett wrote:
> Might I ask why enthusiasts for integration SpamAssassin with Mailman 
> do not care about delivery of spam to other mail aliases in their 
> domain. And if they do so care, why do they not concentrate on 
> stopping spam reaching all of their mail aliases.
> I guess I cannot understand why you are messing around integrating 
> SpammAssassin with Mailman when you should be integrating it with your 
> MTA so that the spam never gets anywhere near Mailman.

I can't speak for the others, but in my case, I am the administrator 
for Mailman, but not for the main mailserver, nor even for the 
mailserver that MailMan runs on. I can install the spamassassin 
software in the Mailman account; I can even install the spamassassin 
server software on another server that I run; but I cannot integrate 
spamassassin with the main mailserver in any way. Our current mail 
system was designed to discourage server-side spam blocking.

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