[Mailman-Developers] Question about changing the "reply-to" address on the mailman list.

Bradach, Jack jack.bradach at oregonstate.edu
Thu Apr 1 13:42:19 EST 2004

	I'm the list support person for my university, and I had a question about change I'm considering making to the "mailman" list on our site.  We have monthly password reminders enabled by default and the message that gets sent out starts with "DO NOT REPLY TO THIS MESSAGE...  Here's how to unsubscribe if you don't want to be on such and such list."  The problem is that a large number of the people every month don't bother reading the mail and instead reply to mailman-owner with "unsubscribe," usually without leaving the original message intact, so I've got to go in and look at the headers and manually remove them from whatever list they were on.

My plan is to set the "reply-to" address on mailman to be "DONOTREPLY at OREGONSTATE.EDU," so that people sending to the list will just have it uncerimoniously bounced back, hopefully forcing them to reread the message, or setting it to another list which auto-responds with "Read this this time."  As far as I know, the only mail that gets sent from the mailman list itself are the monthly reminders and the notices it sends me when people attempt to subscribe to the list.  Am I missing something that will break if I do this?  Does anyone have a better solution?  (Being able to set the address the reminders come from would be a cool feature, btw.)

Thanks for the info.

- Jack Bradach
Jack.Bradach at oregonstate.edu
Oregon State University
jack|w on irc.freenode.net

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