[Mailman-Developers] What would send to bare administrator

John W. Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Fri Jan 21 22:03:44 CET 2005

OK, that subject might hit a filter somewhere.  ;-)

Mark Shapiro wrote in another thread, in mailman-users:

If you haven't changed SMTP_LOG_EACH_FAILURE in mm_cfg.py,
the 3 failures should be logged in Mailman's smtp-failure log.

Which prompted me to look there, and find

Jan 18 14:47:56 2005 (20931) delivery to administrator failed with code 501:
<administrator>: recipient address must contain a domain

That's true, the way the MTA (Exim) is configured.

A quick grep in the source didn't reveal a case where Mailman attempts to
send mail to the unqualified recipient <administrator>.  Does anyone happen
to know where it is?

When I get back (from the doctor) I'll try to find out what was going on
Tuesday around that time.


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