[Mailman-Developers] Mailman 2.1.6 beta 2 released

Tokio Kikuchi tkikuchi at is.kochi-u.ac.jp
Thu Jan 27 01:12:06 CET 2005


Before some one 'fifth' this, I should say:
The plain text version mailman-install is already in the tar ball -- 
admin/www/mailman-install.txt. What is missing is the pointer.

Ian Eiloart wrote:

> --On January 26, 2005 08:36:55 -0500 Bob Puff <bob at nleaudio.com> wrote:
>> I third the motion.  I hate it when the docs for something are in
>> something other than plain text.  I rarely am logged in with a gui -
>> always a terminal mode, and even html can get goofy.
>> Bob
> I fourth it. I don't even know if I have anything that can read latex 
> format documents. Well, I guess I probably do, but I don't want to go 
> digging it out all the time. My preferences are for plain text and 
> perhaps MAN pages with the distribution, and HTML on the web.

Tokio Kikuchi, tkikuchi@ is.kochi-u.ac.jp

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