[Mailman-Developers] SMTPDirect timeout

Thien Vu thien.vu at gmail.com
Fri Jan 28 06:00:35 CET 2005

We recently experienced a problem with our smtp delivery where the
connection is lost to the SMTPHOST which caused all the
OutgoingRunners to lock up. There is no connection reset or anything
so the connection appears to be ESTABLISTED and it just sits there.
Eventually all OutgoingRunners are consumed in this state.

The only reference I see to something similar to this happening is at:


The patch I've attached is a simple alarm around the SMTPDirect.py
call into smtplib to terminate the connection after a configurable
amount of time. Right now I have it set to minutes(10) but it's
completely configurable via mm_cfg.py

Any thoughts about this?

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