[Mailman-Developers] changes in host_name field does does not update postfix's aliases files

Mike Gabriel mgabriel at ecology.uni-kiel.de
Sun Mar 6 12:03:28 CET 2005

hi there,

with mailman 2.1.5 a change in the host_name field (changing the default 
virtual domain to the one the list should be addressable under) does not 
appear in the postfix'aliases files. 

for now i have set up a CRON job, that runs bin/genaliases every hour, to make 
sure, host_name changes in the webfrontend appear (belatedly) in the aliases 

is this behaviour intentional???


network administration, ecology centre, kiel university, germany
Mike Gabriel, olshausenstr 75, 24118 kiel, germany

fon-work: +49 431 880-1186
fon-home: +49 431 6474196
mail: mgabriel at ecology.uni-kiel.de
www: http://www.ecology.uni-kiel.de, http://zope.ecology.uni-kiel.de     
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