[Mailman-Developers] Patch for Mail Archive mirroring

JC Dill lists05 at equinephotoart.com
Sun May 1 01:21:04 CEST 2005

Tobias Eigen wrote:

>>>  - New third party archiving option that uses The Mail Archive.  The
>>>  implementation subscribes or unsubscribes the
>>>  archive at mail-archive.com address from the subscriber list.
> I find this whole discussion fascinating. I've been thinking about 
> these types of possibilities for a while, and have been watching gmane 
> and mail-archive off and on for inspiration for what Kabissa might do. 
> Archiving is getting to be a big 'problem' at Kabissa currently, esp 
> as our archives get older and bigger, and we desire to move to a more 
> interactive and useful format for archiving discussions and making 
> them more accessible via the web, i.e. in forums. Maybe the short-term 
> answer is to encourage the listowners of our very busy lists to move 
> their archives to mail-archive or gmane. 

This looks like a good opportunity to mention that mailman-users and 
mailman-developers are now also archived at:


See this particular thread at:


They asked for permission to join -dev so that it could be archived on 
their site.  At the time, their archives didn't have munged email 
addresses, and Barry and I decided that if they fixed their archives to 
not expose email addresses, he would give them permission to join -dev 
and to archive mailman lists..

I like gmane's feature of making lists accessible in a newsgroup 
fashion, and I like free.net's format of providing the list in a 
threaded fashion via the web.  This is not an endorsement of either 
site, just a personal observation of some of the positive features each 
of them offers over traditional list archives.  Some list admins might 
want to offer their lists to be mirrored/archived at more than one site.

While RFC 2369 only allows for one List-Archive: URL, I wonder if email 
client implementations that understand 2369 (is there a list of which 
ones are?) are generous in their response when a list email has more 
than List-Archive header...  Be generous in what you accept and all 
that... :-)


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