[Mailman-Developers] Search members bug?

Jimmy Svensson jimmy at netatonce.se
Sat May 14 15:11:17 CEST 2005

I'm using the latest release candidate of Mailman and have a problem 
with the search function. When the result from the search is more than 
could be viewed on one page the result is divided into several pages 
depending on the beginning character of the email address... but when I 
want to view the results from the search beginning with anything other 
than A (for example B) the search is forgotten and all members beginning 
with B is shown instead of the ones I searched for. The problem is that 
the links for the different characters only contain the get variable 
"letter" and not "findmember" which is the variable posted by the search 

Have anyone else had the same problem? Would be nice with a fix for this.

/Jimmy Svensson

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