[Mailman-Developers] Templating the interface

Ethan Fremen i at mindlace.net
Tue May 1 17:47:40 CEST 2007

Barry Warsaw wrote:

> If there are folks who want to start working on a new web u/i, either  
> to integrate a new templating system, or to prototype better content  
> or usability, then in the short term the thing to do would be to  
> branch Mailman 2.1 and let you have at it.  In order to get commit  
> access, you'll need to assign your changes to the FSF.  I can help  
> you get all that paperwork in place.

Hello! After much absence I am something on the order of back.

I have just landed a contract that will allow me to 'continue' my work 
on the mailman web ui, and my semester is ending, so I will actually 
have some time.

Having struggled mightily to find a way to improve templating while not 
moving to python 2.4 (at least), I have to confess I don't think there's 
a good way to get there.

I tried a couple of "scorched earth" approaches and I think that was 
part of why I didn't get something that worked.

Right now, I think the "low hanging fruit" is to rip out all the HTML 
'style' markup and make all the style applied via stylesheets.

I would dearly love to have anyone to work with on this project.

... oh yeah, and I will submit my paperwork to the FSF June 1st, which I 
know is "hella late".


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