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Barry Warsaw barry at python.org
Wed May 2 15:31:53 CEST 2007

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On May 1, 2007, at 5:18 PM, Andy Buckley wrote:

> In particular, it would be really nice if
>   * the bits of the template which define <head>, <body> etc. are  
> defined
> in one pair of header and footer files, so they can be turned off  
> easily;
>   * the CSS files "namespace" everything by placing all Mailman  
> content
> within a div, e.g. <div id="mailman">...</div> and then prefix all CSS
> rules with "#mailman" - this stops the Mailman styles from leaking out
> into the parent page elements.
> I can add this to the wiki if it's useful. Is it?

It is, please do!

I see a couple of stops along the web u/i configurability track.   
Most sites won't care and will just use Mailman right out of the  
box.  Others will be content with just tweaking a little CSS to get  
their colors right.  Still others will want to embed the Mailman u/i  
in their own web pages.  And finally, hard core users may want to  
ditch the u/i all together, writing their own or running Mailman  
without a web u/i at all.  I think we can and should support all of  
these scenarios.

> Genshi has been mentioned a few times. My impression was that it  
> insists
> on producing valid XML output, which is nice, but doesn't necessarily
> play well with ideas like factorisable head/foot portions. Also,  
> can it
> be used for templating the automated email messages, i.e. plain text
> rather than XML? I'm not speaking from exceptional familiarity with
> Genshi here, but these suspicions made me use Cheetah in place of  
> Genshi
> for one of our projects... can anyone confirm/refute these prejudices
> (off-list if necessary)?

Please keep it on-list.  I'm interested in the discussion too!  I  
forgot to mention Cheetah -- Ethan, did you play with it at one point?

Templating the email messages would be nice to have, but it's not as  
critical as the web u/i.

- -Barry

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