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Bernd Siggy Brentrup lists at psycho.i21k.de
Sat Aug 8 09:35:58 CEST 2009

On Sat, Aug 08, 2009 at 15:43 +0900, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> Bernd Siggy Brentrup writes:
>  > [Barry Warsaw contributed the comment:]
>  > > You can do this for Mailman lists, at least when you are explicitly
>  > > CC'd with an address that's subscribed to the list.  You'll get the
>  > > direct copy and not the list copy though.  That's the best Mailman
>  > > can do (anything more takes a better MUA ;).
> They don't come *better* than mutt, though.  At best, "different".

Oh no, no yamuad (Yet Another MUA Discussion) please.

>  > I know that's because I mentioned it, I didn't recall the variable
>  > name though.  In the first place I don't want to see 2 copies
>  > arriving, no MUA involved here.
> I suggest "/etc/init.d/$MTA stop" is the only way to guarantee that
> two copies of something will never arrive.  The next best is to set
> Reply-To, which might actually have the desired effect most of the
> time.  The next best is to set Mail-Followup-To, which won't have any
> effect but you will get a lot of sympathy from Dan Bernstein and
> Emacs/Gnus users.

I'm subscribed to some MLs that mangle with Reply-To to keep subscribers
with broken MUAs happy, mutt does the Mail-Followup-To for me w/o my

Do you know anybody who wants to see djb happy?

> P.S.  You owe me $250/hr X 5 seconds / (3600 seconds/hour) = $0.35 for
> time & expense of fixing up the headers in this message.  You pay the
> wire transfer and currency conversion costs.<wink>

You actually read those winnegan.fake (my version of localnet)
headers?  Nobody does this!  As kind of a reward IOU a beer should we
ever meet.

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