[Mailman-Developers] Proposed: remove address-obfuscation code from Mailman 3

Julian Mehnle julian at mehnle.net
Sat Aug 29 06:19:58 CEST 2009

Bob Puff wrote:

> That's the logical progression of that argument, and is the good reason
> why obfuscation or even removal of parts is not only a good idea, its a
> necessity. Exposing raw email addresses in their normal form is real
> low-hanging fruit.
> Regardless of what I think, my clients will cry bloody murder if emails
> leak out.  I had one person recently google their email address, and
> found a link to an archive file that should have been private.  I had
> removed all links to the archives, but somehow Google found it, indexed
> it, and the guy threatened me with bloody murder if I didn't take it
> down.  Sheesh.

There's robots.txt, you know?  If this is just about user outcry, then 
robots.txt will fix it (since all legitimate search engines honor it).

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