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Adam McGreggor adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
Thu Aug 5 19:03:35 CEST 2010

On Thu, Aug 05, 2010 at 04:32:27PM +0200, Anna Granudd wrote:
> I'm not sure I fully understand the intent behind at least one 
> of them so I figured I had to get back to you.

Sure, no probs!

> On Thu, Aug 5, 2010 at 2:32 PM, Adam McGreggor <adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk>wrote:
> > What that's missing to me is:
> >    *   a password reset option;
> Since you need to be logged in to come to this page I think the password
> reset option might be better suited on the login page since I guess people
> would rather use it if they forgot their password and if that's the case
> adding such a field here wouldn't help much.

Yes! That's very true (about only seeing the page once logged in!).

*engages brain*

> >    *   a list of "my email addresses";
> This is what I don't fully understand. I now added a drop-down menu with "my
> email addresses" but I'm not sure this is what you asked for since I don't
> fully understand the intent behind this suggestion. Is it to be able to
> change email addresses or just to view them (I'm also not sure what'll be
> possible in Mailman)? 

(quite a long response, sorry.)

AIUI (I'm not properly running MM3 anywhere, at the moment), MM3
understands "these are all of my email addresses", and associates
those to the person, e.g., I may be subscribed to various lists 
on lists.example.org with these addresses:

    adam at amyl.org.uk
    adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk
    adam at toomanyhats.com
    backintwoweeks at toomanyhats.org
    example at gmail.com
    foo+spam at no-mx.thisparish.org
    iveforgottenwhoiam at hotmail.com
    listmaster at local.no2id.net
    postmaster at amyl.org.uk
    spamharvest at amyl.org.uk

IMO, it would be nice to:

    *   Set one of those as my 'default' address for
        *   ... when I subscribe to a new list, from an address Mailman
            knows about (hum, the fun part of this could be when
            subscribing to a new list, with an 'unknown' address, 
            and later migrating that to 'my account'),
        *   ... sending 'system' stuff to (e.g., password reset 

    *   Be able to set mail delivery for a chosen list to another
        of my email addresses (either in replacement of, or together)

    *   Send administriva elsewhere, if I'm an admin/mod (e.g., to

(   *   Super-bonus-points, to be able to set Mailman detected HTML
        mails to another of my (webmail) addresses )

    *   "Forget about this email address" (and change my subscriptions
        to.../unsubscribe me completely)

    *   Set all lists (for a given address) over to "no mail"
        (awesomeness would be "until YYYY-MM-DD" -- for dealing with
        holidays, I don't no-mail, because I will forget about one

> For the latter the drop down menu to just view the
> list might work and one could also possibly set one address to default but
> to change them we'd need something different. Should it rather be located on
> the membership settings page or on the user settings page?

I'm not too sure where it should be. Perhaps as a multiple-selecting
options box, with subscribed addresses (by default/AJAXywhatever) 
    Mailing List 1  [   adam at amyl.org.uk            ]
                    [ X adam-mailman at amyl.org.uk X  ]
                    [   adam at toomanyhats.com        ]
                    [ X example at gmail.com        X  ]
                    [   ....                        ]

    Mailing List 2  [   foo at example.org             ]   [ admin list 2 ]

where 'X' foo 'x' denotes a selection, and the wildcard addresses
aren't listed...

Actually, as I think of it, maybe selecting an address that's not
subscribed should trigger a "do you want to subscribe to List X as
baz at example.org" -- overkill/function creep? Is it something users
would want?

> >      *   the ability to set language for the lists, rather than
>        settings, or perhaps change 'Language' to 'Default/Prefered
> >          Language'
> I changed the label to "Default/Preferred Language", hope that's ok?

Sure! Thanks!

>    It'd be nice if clicking on a list where one's an admin/moderator,
>      there was a special link or something to take one to those options
>      for the list.
> >
> I added a link on the first membership page that'll be visible if you're an
> admin and will take you to the admin settings. Is this what you asked for?


> Other people having suggestions/ideas/thoughts on the design are more than
> welcome to post them. We might start with this view in a few days so the
> more feedback we can get on the design before starting the better.

Thanks, btw for the efforts. There's been a lot of thought here, from
all. And design by committee rarely works, and I'm hard skinned, so
feel free to ignore my views!

``The English people are like the English beer--
  froth on top, dregs at the bottom; the middle, excellent.'' (Voltaire)

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