[Mailman-Developers] MM3: list disabling/enabling?

Ian Eiloart iane at sussex.ac.uk
Tue Jul 12 15:06:42 CEST 2011

> I think bouncing at the MTA is slightly sub-optimal and that mailman
> could generate a more informative bounce indicating how to contact the
> server admin to get the list revived. Probably in the web interface
> there could be a "disabled lists" category. Server admins would
> probably want to be able to login to the disabled lists in the web
> interface, but maybe not the list admins.

Bouncing certainly is suboptimal, since it may create collateral spam. Better to reject the message at SMTP time with a 5xx response than to bounce. 

However, it's probably possible to do what you want by putting the list on emergency moderation, and changing the message, is it not? Or something similar?

If that is possible, then what's required is simply a web interface to simplify that process.

Ian Eiloart
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