[Mailman-Developers] About Mailman's unicode-enabled Message subclass

Aurelien Bompard aurelien at bompard.org
Tue Dec 2 11:26:36 CET 2014

Thanks to you all !

I've looked, again briefly because after a short time my head spun out
> of control, at trying to fix it by overriding additional methods like
> _get_params_preserve(), but I didn't get far.

Yeah, I tried that too, not much more luck...

> To be honest, mailman.email.message.Message should really go away.

I kinda think so too, so I tried removing the conversion to unicode in
get() and __getitem__(): I have about 20 failures in the whole test suite,
and a couple UnicodeWarnings from SQLAlchemy.
I'm going to try and fix these failures and the code that expects unicode
headers, and send you a MP How about that?


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