[Mailman-Developers] Error installing mailman.client due to "Aurélien"

Florian Fuchs flo.fuchs at gmail.com
Tue Dec 16 12:35:11 CET 2014

Am 12.12.2014 um 00:00 schrieb Aurelien Bompard:
> At first I thought I had introduced a regression.... but it's actually
> just my name :-)
> Don't blame me, I didn't choose it!

That's a great example why French accents are great: First, in French
you always know how a word is pronounced. And second, in Python they
shame you into correctly decoding/encoding your I/O. :-)

> (Florian, can you fix that? And by the way my last name is "Bompard",
> without the "A")

A fix is in the trunk.

And, argh!, sorry I used your IRC nick as your last name! ;-)


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