[Mailman-Developers] Introduction and GSoC project requests

Konstantinos N kon.nalpa at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 18:39:11 CET 2015

Hello again Mailman developers.
I have received  some more guidance so i wanted to correct some mistakes 
in my previous email.
On 01/05/2015 08:09 PM, Konstantinos N wrote:
> On to the requests now. I saw two project ideas for GSoC 2014 that 
> really interested me and i would like some guidance around them so i 
> could read more on them. Could someone give me some status on the 
> implementation of them at the moment? Were these ideas for mailman 3, 
> mailman 2 or both?
> The 2 ideas are
> 1. Full anonymization [2]
> 2. No-logging Mode [3]

I read again the GSoC wiki page for 2014 [1] and saw that Mailman 2 
development has been frozen so the projects i was asking about are 
indeed for Mailman 3. Still, i would like all the help you could give me 
on these 2 subjects. Specifically:

     Is anyone working on implementing either of these ideas right now?
     Are there any more specifications i could read or similar features 
in other projects or services that i could use as reference?

Thank you again
Konstantinos N


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