[Mailman-Developers] Query regarding plugin integration with mailman3

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Sun Mar 1 14:55:30 CET 2015

Aanand Shekhar Roy writes:

 > Can someone tell me if the following way is suitable for implementing a
 > plug in on mailman3 :



[@Barry This stuff seems kinda underdocumented, at least in this module?]

 > In that folder we make an executable file i.e. .sh file, which runs
 > the script that adds the code mentioned above in the right places
 > of mailman3 src code.

This is not the way to create a plugin for a Python program.  The
chains and pipelines code show the right way to do that: create a
simple module that Python can import given its name, and then have
that module do any further loading of code necessary for the plugin

The question that remains is whether a chain (which is used to check
whether a message should be distributed at all) or a pipeline handler
(which manipulates messages) is sufficient for the plugins you
envision.  I don't see why they would not be -- they are quite general
mechanisms -- but there may be edge cases I haven't thought of.

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