[Mailman-Developers] Templates branch for Mailman 3.1

Barry Warsaw barry at list.org
Mon Jul 11 13:05:46 EDT 2016

Hello developers!

There are three big features still in progress for Mailman 3.1, the templates
branch, MySQL support, and unsubscription workflow.  There is already a merge
request for MySQL support and I'm hoping to merge that soon.  Abhilash is also
working on the unsubscription workflow feature but there's no MR for that yet.

The templates feature is very nearly done, so I think now is a good time to
ask for testing, feedback, and review.  This is a generalization of the
welcome_message_uri feature in MM3.0 where you could specify e.g. the welcome
message as a URL to download and cache when necessary.  This is important
because Core doesn't know whether there is even a web ui (e.g. Postorius)
involved, or where things like clickable links to unsubscribe would be.  Sites
also want to customize footers to include information like codes of conduct,

Now (or when this branch lands), you will be able to specify a URL to retrieve
any template that Mailman uses internally, whether they are confirmation
messages, bounce probes, welcome and goodbye messages, etc.  These can be
templates for administrators, users, and members.

Because I'm hoping to get some reviews, I'll point you at the documentation
for more details:


The branch did end up being much bigger and tentacled than I expected, but
it's all hanging together pretty well now, and all the tests pass.  There's
still a small number of to-dos, but some of them will get punted, and the
others won't have a major effect on the overall use and visibility of the


Note also that if you interact with the REST API v3.0, nothing changes
externally, but the old IMailingList attributes are mapped onto the new
templates mechanism.  API v3.1 is where you see all the actual new feature
end-points exposed.  Of course, any MM2 list converted to MM3.1 will use the
new templates stuff too.

Feedback very much welcome, either here or on the MR:


I'd like to land this some time in the next week or so.  Then I'll work on the
other two big branches and start to release some betas.

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