[Mailman-Developers] [Mailman-i18n] Translation of Mailman 3

Simon Hanna simon.hanna at serve-me.info
Tue May 17 09:31:33 EDT 2016

On 04/21/2016 04:47 AM, Stephen J. Turnbull wrote:
> -i18n removed, I'm not subscribed.
> Barry Warsaw writes:
>  > We need a Mailman 3 translation champion, someone who understand
>  > the technical and more importantly, social issues involved, and can
>  > spend time and energy on helping bring a good story to fruition.
>  > I'm happy to give wide latitude to the champion to help shape a
>  > solution that works for us.  Maybe that's you Simon?
> I can help somewhat, I know the technology, I have a "friend in the
> business" (a lawyer buddy who's heavily invested in legal translation
> software), I've been involved with the Mailman and Debian translation
> communitiess in the past.  But right now I'm "busy as Barry", and for
> the near future GSoC is going to sop up most of my Mailman time.

I guess I could take some sort of lead on that.
I played around a little with pootle and I really like it. It's
easy to use, fast and anyone that registers can start translating.

The main question would be selfhosting vs using gnu's hosted version.
GNU is using v 2.5. 2.7.3 is the current version which changed quite a
bit. The newer version has some sort of revision support has the ability
to add comments to translations.
The biggest change is that adding new files/ updating them requires
filesystem access in 2.7.3

So I think that GNU is going to stick to 2.5 for the time being.

Selfhosting would have a couple of upsides
* Easier access to generated po files (scriptable)
* Easier upgrade of po files
* More features (v2.7.3)

pootle has a couple of features that I think are nice to have.
* Offline translation support
   (they have a very nice peace of software called virtaal)
* Terminology support
   (we provide recommended translations for common words)
* Used by (big) organizations
   (mozilla, document foundation, ...)
* Relatively fine grained permissions
   (users can get permissions based on languages as well as projects

The trend seems to be to use self hosted pootle servers, at least
mozilla and libreoffice do, there are probably more.

I don't think selfhosting would be that hard. It's based on
python+django and uses redis.

If you want I can spin up an instance on my server and provide
interested people credentials to play with. (existing demo instances
don't allow adding/managing projects)

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