[Mailman-Developers] Camera-ready option to mitigate DMARC issues

Stephen J. Turnbull turnbull.stephen.fw at u.tsukuba.ac.jp
Sun Nov 6 14:24:22 EST 2016

Alessandro Vesely writes:

 > Camera-ready is cleaner than anything I have heard till now.

Clean, maybe, but Mark explained why the scheme is fragile even if you
can get participation.  The killer problem is personalization, but the
other problems are also intractable.  Serial numbers in the Subject is
a case where the variable content is not predictable by the author or
originating system.

 > Probably it is not workable, but I cannot understand why.  It works
 > well in several publishing environments, typically journals, which
 > distribute templates to authors.  Why can't it work for mailing
 > lists?

It can, it just depends on high participation rates to be useful.  As
I pointed out, if you can get that participation, you don't need any
changes to Mailman, you just don't add footers to the body or list
tags to the Subject.

So why don't you try the experiment on some of your lists and see how
much participation you get?

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