[Mailman-i18n] HTML entities ++

Daniel Buchmann db@bibsys.no
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 20:49:14 +0200

Hi everyone.

I wonder what the policy about using HTML entities (e.g. é, å) in
message.po is.
I've been using plain characters in my norwegian translation so far.
Looking at other translations, I see that e.g. the spanish translation is using
HTML entities, and e.g. the french is not.

What should I do?

Since I obviously can't convert my entire message.po, I've been writing a script
that splits the entries in my message.po into HTML entries and plain text
entries (splitting by filename, not content). Then I can easily replace the
norwegian characters in the file containing the HTML entries, with HTML
The script would of course need to know which files (Mailman python code files)
contains output destined for the web and which files contains output destined
for emails.
Right now, it has the following rules:

1. Any file not in the Mailman/ directory contains plain text.
2. All files in the Mailman/ directory (and subdirectories) contain HTML text,
except for the following files:
   Mailman/Handlers/<any file>
   Mailman/MTA/<any file>

There may be more files that contains plain text, of course, so if you know any
let me know, and I'll add them to this list of files to be excluded.
A file containing both HTML entries and plain text entries would of course be a
problem, so they'll have to be dealt with manually.
If anyone else want to use this script, let me know, and I'll email it to you.
(It is a perl script.)

Btw, if you are on IRC, join #mailman on openprojects.net. :)
(See http://www.openprojects.net/irc_servers.shtml for a list of servers.)

Barry: There is a missing </ul> tag in Mailman/Gui/NonDigest.py line 63, in the
'personalize' details.