[Mailman-i18n] Dutch translation

Barry A. Warsaw barry@zope.com
Fri, 27 Jul 2001 14:42:31 -0400

>>>>> "TW" == Thomas Wouters <thomas@xs4all.net> writes:

    TW> Specifically, it took me a while to figure out how to
    TW> translate :) It would be helpful if there was a README file
    TW> in, say, messages/, explaining how to do it. I found helpful
    TW> notes in the archives of this list, though.

>>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <barry@zope.com> writes:

    BAW> Excellent idea.  I will try write something up tonight.

D'oh!  Shows you how tired I was.  There's a README-I18N.en file in
the top level directory (cvs) that should explain how to get started.

I'm about to upload a "translation pack" to SF which will contain
README-I18n.en, templates/en, messages/mailman.pot, and
messages/*/LC_MESSAGES/mailman.po.  This should be easier for
translators to use than grabbing them out of CVS.