[Mailman-i18n] Re: Tiny help

Juan Carlos Rey Anaya jcrey@uma.es
Wed, 02 May 2001 10:53:46 +0200

Vizi Szilard wrote:
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> I am updating the hungarian catalog, but there are some problems.
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> The first is: The commandline programs do not use right now the
> translation, although I inserted the DEFAULT_SERVER_LANGUAGE=3D'hu'
> in the mm_cgf.py file. I want to see the hungarian messages in
> the commandline programs, what should I do?

I have discovered why, you must set explicitly language to translate

test in bin/version.py:

import paths
import Mailman.mm_cfg
from Mailman.i18n import _, set_language

print _('Using Mailman version:'), Mailman.mm_cfg.VERSION

I suppose all scripts in bin must be changed.

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> And I found some errors:
> - the footer added to every message is still untranslated,
Note it is hard coded in admin pages. mailman only takes what you write.

> - all the commandline programs are writing english messages to the stdo=
> - the list archive page is still in english
Yes, it is a work to be done.
I found it very difficult to translate, because the process of archive
generation :-(
You can try it ;-)
I think that the proper persons to do it are mailman managers.

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> And a suggestion:
> It would be better if definite articles (a, an) could be changed whenev=
> it is needed for the next word. In another way:
> - before every word that starting with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u, etc.)
>   the article should be 'an', but
> - before a starting consonant (b, c, d, g, etc.) the article=3D'a'
> For example:
> #: /home/mailman/Mailman/Cgi/listinfo.py:112
> msgid " mailing lists on %(hostname)s."
> msgstr " levelez=E9si list=E1k a(z) %(hostname)s g=E9pen."     <- right=
> msgstr " levelez=E9si list=E1k %(article)s %(hostname)s g=E9pen." <- mo=
> =

> And if I have a server with 'ond.vein.hu' hostname, the text will be:
> "levelez=E9si list=E1k az ond.vein.hu g=E9pen."
> And in case of 'listserv.vein.hu':
> "levelez=E9si list=E1k a listserv.vein.hu g=E9pen."
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> Every translator have to define those letters that goes to the group of=

> vowels, and the consonant.
> =

> And finally, I have started translating the README.*,FAQ and INSTALL
> files. How should I give name for the translated files?
>   1. README.hu, FAQ.hu, a.s.o., or
>   2. OLVASSEL (this is the Hungarian word for README)
By now I recommend to be README.hu, but must be Barry the one to decide
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