[Mailman-i18n] korean translation

Ben Gertzfield che@debian.org
Fri, 29 Mar 2002 11:58:25 +0900

>>>>> "Ben" == Ben Gertzfield <che@debian.org> writes:
>>>>> "BAW" == Barry A Warsaw <barry@zope.com> writes:

    BG> I've been wondering, which charset and encoding do you think
    BG> we should use in Mailman for Korean in email?  euc-kr with
    BG> base64?

    BAW> Good question.  We'll need to add that to the email package's
    BAW> Charset mapping.  I'm assuming the Mailman add_language()
    BAW> directive should use euc-kr.

    Ben> Actually, if there's no conversion performed like the EUC-JP
    Ben> -> ISO-2022-JP conversion for Japanese, you don't need to
    Ben> modify the Charset package.

Of course, I forgot that EUC-KR is a multibyte charset; it's possible
(although I don't know how email clients behave) that clients will
screw up if we split an EUC-KR string between two bytes of a character
when wrapping a long header line.

We may need that Korean Unicode module after all.


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