[Mailman-i18n] When are the checkins ?

Thomas Wouters thomas at xs4all.net
Sun Mar 30 22:07:33 EST 2003

On Sat, Mar 29, 2003 at 09:47:07PM +0100, Danny Terweij wrote:
> Hi guys, i did send a while ago to Barry (4 weeks) and later also to t
> wouters (2 weeks) a fresh new copy of the Dutch translations. Still they are
> not checked in and i am waiting for it.. so i can see if there will be some
> fuzzy things after the checkin.

You sent me the patches last week (the 22nd), and I was away to PyCon this
week. And so was Barry, so he can vouch for me :) I'd seen your emails, but
haven't had time to look them over, much less check them in. I did inform
Barry I'd received them and would be handling them (I think that was on the
way to the sushi bar, or maybe the 'get Steve a pint' pub.)

That said, there is no reason for you to wait for them to be checked in to
see if there are any fuzzy things left. No one else is going to check
anything into the dutch translations, at least not without contacting you
first. If you sent us a straight 'cvs diff -c' (or -u), what you have in
your local CVS tree is what would exist in the CVS repository once we check
it in.

Also, it's almost certainly more efficient to upload your changes to
SourceForge. as a patch, than it is to send it to Barry or me (or any of the
other developers) -- things tend to get lost in our 2000+ message mailboxes.

> Could someone help me with CVS upload access? so i can email you my
> mailman.po/mo and templates?

There is no such thing as 'CVS upload access'. There is CVS write access,
but that means you check them in directly, without emailing them to Barry or
me. Whether you get that is up to Barry, not me :-)

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