[Mailman-i18n] Activating Templates?

Daniel Yacob locales at geez.org
Thu May 13 11:41:17 EDT 2004

>> transcheck test.  But archtoch.html still isn't loading.

> What about other templates? Are they loading?

nope, none of the translated templates load, I referenced archtoc.html just
for an example.  The permissions are identical to all others.  Even stranger
is that I've just tried moving "en" to "en.bak" and linking am to en. Restarted
everthing, changed web browsers, and still no change!

I went with the default installation options, is /usr/local/mailman/templates
the right directory to be working in??  Or does mailman use another directory
at run time?

>> I'm working with UTF-8 and not adding a BOM to the start of files if that
>> makes a difference.  Also I am modifing the files in the install directory
>> (/usr/local/mailman/templates).

> I don't have experience with unicode translation. But the best way to 
> check your translation is to compare it with other which is working fine 
> (eg. Serbian and Ukrainian uses UTF-8)

I checked Serbian, the BOM is present only sometimes.  I did add it to
some files and no change.

>> I had assumed the 's' after %(listname) indicated a plural. 

> %(xxx)s is replaced by value of variable xxx, which should be treated as 
> character string. 's' at the end means String, and has nothig with 
> plural form.

Ah... that makes more sense, thanks for the clarification.

thanks again,


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