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Corban Andra cremshnital at yahoo.com
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All I have 2 say is that I used 2 be a happy girl...until I've realised that all the small things that maked me happy are so death 4 this world...because all that matters are faime...and fortune... and now my dreams are lost and there's nothing I can do about it...the only reason that I am still alive...is 4 my Mother...but soon she will be gone..and I can't change that.... so I ask myself why  you people worship  the hollywood stars when there are so manny humans  in this world who deserve's all that love..and all they have is pain and misery,,is it because you wish 2 be like them?...I wish that my Mother who had worked all her life 4 me and my sister 2 receive the things that she deserve's...but I guess there's not enough justice in this world.... believe in your dreams but do not pass in a dream that is not your's...you can enjoy this world because it is everbody's world...you don't need that fake hollywoodian image 2 help making your dreams come true... (sorry 4 my poor English

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