[Mailman-i18n] Mailman Arabic translation is ready

Munzir Taha munzirtaha at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 19:40:30 CET 2006

It's my pleasure to contribute an Arabic translation of mailman. I will polish 
it more and complete the missing strings in the near future. Please commit it 
and let me know the procedure of updating/merging the template files when 
changes occur. Hope there is a way other than doing a manual compare.

The add_language line should read:
add_language('ar',    _('Arabic'),             'utf-8')

Keep up the good work.

The attachment is sent privately to Barry.

Munzir Taha
Telecommunications and Electronics Engineer
Maintainer of Fedora Arabic Translation Project
Maintainer of the OpenBugs project page at
Master CIW Designer, ICDL, MOUS, Linux+, LPI 101
Riyadh, SA

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